Is That Just For Show

One of the most impressive sights inside Santa Barbara Brewing Company is the array of copper and steel tanks that dominate the restaurant. I often get the question, “I never see these being used, are they just for show?”

The fact is that this full system gets a lot of use! All of the activity happens after hours, overnight. And the whole process is tucked away and cleaned up by the time we open the next day.

All during the day, our great bartending and serving staff pass around this equipment and we even have a pair of tables right next to the brewery. We want you to have an amazing customer experience with great food, friends and beer. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could actually SEE the beer being made? Certainly! I wholeheartedly agree!

Alas, on a practical level, the brewery is noisy, hot machine built for productivity rather than comfort. Making beer involves moving grain, adding heat, boiling the liquid and transferring it where it needs to go with pumps. The connections are made with large food grade hoses. None of this would be very appealing while trying to enjoy a beer, burger and a game.

So, we work at night, plain and simple. But don’t worry, we think making great beer is fun and rewarding, any time of the day! And our brewery works her heart out for us! She even has a name; Beth. She’s named after the old Kiss song “Beth.” If you wonder where we are, me and the boys will be brewin’ all night!